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How fast will my connection be? [click here]
Our minimum service level is 384 Kbps, which is roughly 8 times faster than the typical dial-up connection. Burst connection rates are typically around 500 Kbps all the way up to 1 Mbps.

I have had CKS Wireless service for several months, and all of a sudden my service seems slower; what should I do? [click here]
First, make sure that your virus and spyware software is up to date, and then perform a system scan. It is possible for trojans and viruses to load themselves onto your computer, and they cause the whole computer to slow down. Some FREE programs that we use are AVG Antivirus, Spyware Serach and Destroy, and Adaware. If after all of this your service is still slow, call us, and we will send a technician to look at your service.

What if my CKS Wireless Internet Service isn't working?[click here]
If you're using a wireless router. . .
unplug the router's power cord and count to 20, then plug it back in. Sometimes routers just get scrambled and need to re-boot. Now try and connect to the Internet.
If this doesn't work, try plugging your computer in directly to the CKS Wireless radio receiver.
If you can connect to the Internet this way, the problem is with your router.

If the problem isn't corrected, call us at (903) 589-0044.

Do you charge for service calls?[click here]
Generally, we can determine if the problem you're experiencing is with our system/equipment or is a problem on your end, or with your internal network-such as a wireless router before we do a truck roll. We do charge for service calls if it is determined that the problem is with your computer, or internal network.We try very hard to figure out what is causing your problem over the phone, but due to the number of different computers, and all different types of configurations, sometimes it's impossible without seeing your set up face to face.

I'm having problems using Wii, X-Box, Vonage, (or other), can you help me?[click here]
In most cases those devices should be considered as you do your computer(s) - your personal property. We offer a one-time configuration assistance with routers. If the configuration has changed or if your radio is connected to any other device, we may be able to help with a service call. If you have configuration issues other than initial setup, we can also refer you to an outside consultant to help you, but we are not IT support professionals. Due to time constraints, we cannot offer free unlimited tech support on issues unrelated to the proper operation of our network.

I just went to an internet speed test site and it showed that my connection was faster than my chosen rate plan. How can this be?[click here]
These higher-than-advertised transfer rates, or "burst" rates, are made possible by a number of factors including your computer's speed and cache settings, signal level to the base station, and if the site is cached on one of our content engines. Typical "burst" transfer rates are between 500 Kbps and 1 Mbps. Another thing to consider is, not all speed test sites are accurate.

Does the service come over cable/DSL/satellite/
phone lines?[click here]
CKS Wireless's service is similar in speed to cable/DSL/satellite, however, that's where the similarities end. Our service is wireless.

I live outside of town; will I still be able to get service?[click here]
CKS Wireless has multiple points of presence. Please contact your CKS Wireless representative for more information on service possibilities and to schedule your free site survey.

What is a site survey and how much does it cost?[click here]
A site survey allows us to determine if we can provide CKS Wireless service to your location. There is no fee for performing this survey. It is non-intrusive, meaning you don't even have to be there, and it takes about 15 minutes or less!

A CKS Wireless Technician came out and did a site survey and said I'm in a "dead spot", or said the signal was too weak; when will I be able to get service?[click here]
Our short term goal is to provide complete coverage in Jacksonville. Since you have been visited by a CKS Wireless Representative, your name and location have been placed on our priority expansion list.

I read an article that said wireless internet is not secure or is easy to "hack"; what type of security methods do you use?[click here]
CKS Wireless is actually more secure than if you were using cable or DSL internet service. We cannot give specifics on our security protocols, but we do encrypt all wireless traffic, making it very difficult and time-consuming for hackers to steal information. People who use cable or DSL service are easier targets; also, most web sites that have confidential information are encrypted and secured in addition to our own security system. CKS Wireless uses multiple techniques to make your service as secure and reliable as possible.

I have multiple computers, does it cost extra
to hook them up?[click here]
Our Standard Installation provides connection for 1 computer. Connecting multiple computers must be done with a switch or router---wireless or wired. If you do not already have one of these devices or do not wish to install them yourself, CKS Wireless can do this for you. Talk with your CKS Wireless Representative for current pricing or more information.

Is it possible to get a static IP address?[click here]
Yes. Contact your CKS Wireless Representative for availability and pricing.

Is the wireless signal affected by weather conditions?[click here]
CKS Wireless has done extensive testing with our wireless equipment, both indoors and out, and we've found that severe weather conditions have no effect on the wireless signal. The ony weather phenomenon that can effect the wireless signal is freezing fog.

I have an outdoor antenna kit installed on my house,
is it at risk of being hit by lightning?[click here]
The likelihood of the outdoor antenna being hit by lightning is almost non-existent. The majority of the antenna housing is plastic and there is a micro-breaker that is designed to "trip" in the event of an electrical surge. If you are concerned about this issue, please contact a CKS Wireless Representative for more information.

Is my outdoor antenna and cable running into the house
susceptible to rain, wind, snow, ice, sunlight, etc?[click here]
No. The antenna and cable are designed for outdoor usage, they should provide years of service through all weather conditions that are typical in East Texas.

Can I paint the external antenna kit and cable?[click here]
The antenna should not be painted. You may however, paint the cable.

Can I still use my old email account?[click here]
In most cases yes, you should be able to check your old email account, as long as you still have an active account with your previous service provider.

I'm moving and would like to take my service with me,
will the service still work?[click here]
Yes, you can take your service with you provided that CKS Wireless service is available in the area you are moving to.

What types of computers does your service work on?[click here]
CKS Wireless service will work with any computer equipped with a Network Card; this includes Macintosh and Windows based computers, among others.

Is your service affected by 2.4 GHz or 900 MHz cordless phones or baby monitors?[click here]
It can be; please alert your CKS Wireless Technician if you have any of these devices.

How big is the outdoor antenna kit and what does
it look like?[click here]
Most clients in the CKS Wireless service area will use the 16" x 19" x 2" Customer Premise Equipment. Your CKS Wireless Representative will discuss with you any other antenna & radio configurations.

Do you guys offer server co-location or managed server hosting?[click here]
Yes, however we are still formulating a price plan. Please call us for pricing and availability.

Do you offer discounts to senior citizens or non-profit organizations?[click here]
No discounts are currently available to senior citizens. We *do* offer discounts to educational and non-profit organizations. Call for details.

Do you guys have a referral program?[click here]
Yes we do!
CKS Wireless has recently introduced a Referral Program, whereby current customers who refer business to us get compensated. To any current CKS Wireless customer who refers one new client to us, we will credit them for 1 month of service.* *Amount credited will be equal to contracted monthly service cost of current customer. Credit will be given after the new customer's first invoice has been paid.

Do you design websites?[click here]
Yes we do!
Please contact us to discuss the creation or redesign of a website for you.

Does CKS Wireless provide Internet in my area?[click here]
Currently, due to the cost of rolling out Internet, we provide Internet services only to clients in Jacksonville, Rusk, New Summerfield, Troup and portions of the South Bullard Texas area. Please call us for details and availability.

I am going out of town for several months, can I suspend my service so that I won't be billed during that time?[click here]
Yes. We can suspend your account for up to 60 days. Just contact our office to let us know when to suspend your account, and when to turn it back on. If do not contact us after the 60 days, we will bill you a minimum service fee of $25.00 a month.

Why are the Business service plans more expensive than the Residential plans?[click here]
For several reasons. Businesses take up more network band–width such as when sending numerous emails, down–loading large files, or uploading documents to their web–sites. Business data is also sent through our network as "Priority One" (it will go through before someone down–loading something from YouTube, for instance). During emergencies, such as with storm damage, businesses will also get repaired before any residences.

If I work out of my home, and/or have a small business that does not send much data, will I still be categorized as a "business account"?[click here]
If you intend to have your account set up under your business name, your account will have to be categorized as a busness account, and pay a Business Service Plan. If your account is going to be set up under your personal name, with one individual being responsible for the payment of the account, it will be categorized as a residential account; it will not receive any of the benefits that would be offered under a Business Service Plan.

Can I use services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu etc. with my Internet service from CKS Wireless?[click here]
Maybe. Some on-demand program services "recommend" at least 1mb speed to successfully use their service; they also require their band–width upfront. To explain what this means, take YouTube for example; when you press play on a video on YouTube and it has not fully loaded, you can press pause, and the video will "buffer", which allows the video to "load", making it possible for you to watch it without it stopping intermittently. This buffering process means that YouTube does not require their band–width upfront. However, with Netflix for instance, if you press pause, the movie will stop – it will not do any "buffering", so if you do not have the amount of band–width that they require to play the movie, it will stop every–so–often on it's own to load, which can make watching a movie very annoying.

CKS Wireless does not endorse any of these services, and do not offer any guarantee or warranty of any kind that any service such as these will work on our system. CKS Wireless provides Internet access only, and cannot control services that are operated and maintained by others.

If I pay for a year of service in advance can I get
a discount?[click here]
Yes. If you pay for a total year of service upfront, you will get one month free. *not available by credit card

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