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Although CKS Wireless has many towers, wireless internet is still based on "line of sight" technology, meaning there can be very few objects – such as heavy trees – between our service tower and your antenna's location. For this reason, we cannot provide a completely accurate coverage map, but we do offer a free site evaluation that will help us make an educated decision on the eligibility of your install. To get an idea of coverage please take a look at this map which marks out our tower locations. Each tower has coverage of approximately 10 miles in any given direction.

line of sight

If an on-site evaluation is necessary, it is not necessary for you to be there, as long as there's ready access to the property. Once the evaluation has been completed, a technician will call you with the results and the installation price. Also, CKS Wireless does not charge for site evaluations (unlike some other ISP's).
To initiate the site evaluation process, please call our Jacksonville office at (903) 589-0044 ext. 104 or you may also visit our online evaluation form, and make the request on–line. Once your site evaluation has been completed, we will contact you back with the results.

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I admit that we went

with one of the "other guys" at first. . . . but within 6 months we no longer had reliable service - ANY service for that matter. We switched to CKS and for the past 3 years, we've had the best internet service EVER. Thanks CKS Wireless!

-Bill A.